We are opening Medical Cannabis Research center into Northern Finland, as civil disobedience! 🙂

We are starting own independent laboratory, to start cannabis testing, so that it is pure, 100% organic, healthy and save to use.

We are starting own researches with Easing Depression Symptoms with Medical Cannabis.

In Future, we hope to offer our laboratory services for independent growers in Finland, who in future, when we are allowed to make some jobs, want’s to give more legimite to their products. Our mission is to find out how it is best and safest way to grow medical cannabis, so that it’s pure and good, and sharing this information to other growers as well. We are here more, what it comes to mental health care with 100% natural way, and are looking to work with Finnish growers in future, to offer various of different medical cannabis strains for our patients, to find right medicine for each and one.

In other hands, we will make sure, that the medical cannabis is pure, and thereby, we can start selling and making business as civil disobedience all together, as if we can make (and we will) this our laboratory so legit, that the authoroties, cannot find a reason to stop us.

1. If patients are ready to do this. (+25 aged adults.)

2. If growers are ready to do this.

3. If we can check and make sure purity of cannabis.

= It is totally closed circle, healthy and direct agreement with the people by themselves, and by that, within human rights, it should be our human right to do.

Another example:

Person a is growing a plant, person b needs the plant that person a growing, but can’t know if it is safe. But now person C can offer this laboratory services, and make sure that medical cannabis is pure. This allows person a to sell to person b, because we have regulation for save use, and closed circle. All done as together, as civil disobedience.


The thing is, as we have contact every authorities with this matter in Finland, that they can not give answer.

If you ask permission, they will say no, and when you ask why, the answer is ”I can not answer to your question”.

Which means: If you ask permission, it will be denied by just random excuse.

If there are no reason: WHY WE CAN’T DO THAT = IT MEANS WE CAN DO IT IF WE WANT. Of course, it might be illegal, but in this matter, we brake the law, as civil obedience, and if Finnish authorities wants to put us in jail, then they have to do it. But in other countries, Cannabis is totally free, and we can seek help from those countries, that our human rights are violated in Finland. Once again.

Most likely, because this is EU, we will be going into jail, for trying to find cure for depression, but maybe we have to start this important research by going first into jail. So let’s go all in jail together – That is our attitude!

Welcome a board!


If you want to volunteer as civil obedience into PHASE 1 TRIALS (STARTS IN AUTUMN 2020), CONTACT MAIL@JACOBSRANCH.FI



Our mission is to start variety of methods and studies in Finland, to seek medicine from nature plants, and starting it from a herb named Cannabis,

Proofs can’t be denied

It’s just old attitude that Cannabis is bad. It is time to look for alternatives from nature to relief some of these symptoms, in which Cannabis have been found helpful; Depression, PTSD,

  • Starting Cannabis researches is good for the environment
  • 100% Organic Medicine
  • Future is in the Cannabis
  • Join now in as advisor, investor or volunteer!